It's time to get a good music-bot.

All in one: Groovy is a feature-rich and experienced music-bot for Discord. He combines good quality with a large selection of functions and commands. Did you ever wanted to have a good bot, that is especially made for music? Then choose Groovy!

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Groovy supports YouTube! You can use it with "g!play query" - query can be just some keywords or a direct link!

Groovy wouldn't be the best Discord music-bot if it would not support Soundcloud. Yeah, it supports Soundcloud! Use it with "g!play link"!

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youtube logo

We also support tracks, albums, playlists and artists from Spotify! Get your link with "Share > Copy Link" and use it like "g!play link"!

play Lets you play any music you want
search Lets you search songs
join Tells the bot to join your channel
pause Lets you pause the bot
resume Lets you resume the bot
skip Lets you skip the current track
stop Lets you stop the bot
leave Tells the bot to leave your channel
seek Lets you seek to a specific position
jump Lets you jump forwards/backwards by a specific amount
previous Lets you play the previous track
now Shows you all information about the current track
queue Shows you each song inside the queue
bassboostPremium Lets you apply bassboost
volume Lets you change the volume
autoplayPremium Lets you change the autoplay-mode
playlist Lets you create own playlists
shufflePremium Lets you activate shuffling
loop Lets you toggle the loop modes
move Lets you move a song from one position to another
remove Lets you remove a specific song
control Lets you control the bot with reactions
clear Lets you clear the queue
reset Lets you reset the current progress
trends Shows you trending tracks and playlists
lyrics Shows you lyrics from the current track
switch Lets you change the voice- and the text-channel
prefix Lets you change the bots prefix
setdj Lets you change the dj-mode
botchannel Lets you set a specific channel for commands
blacklist Lets you blacklist channels
announce Lets you change the announce-mode
language Lets you change your language
help Shows you all commands and their aliases
info Shows you some useful information
invite Shows you an invite for Groovy
support Shows you an invite to the support server
vote Shows you some information about upvoting
donate Shows you some information about donating
shard Shows you your current shard id
stats Shows you Groovys current stats

You are bored of Rythm, FredBoat and Mee6?

Invite Groovy and enjoy a complete new music experience!

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